McArthur football team is doing well

The McArthur defense at practice. Many of these football players have received interest from major college teams.

The McArthur football team is continuing to do well early in the season. Coach Pierre Senatus said he believes the team will have a successful season and that many of the players will earn college football scholarships.

The Mustangs are loaded with talent and many of the players are being actively recruited by top college teams. The defensive unit of the Mustangs is especially strong and has been a major factor in the team’s success.

They kept a strong University School team from scoring.  Ruben Hyppolite is leading the team in tackles and will play for Maryland next year. He will graduate high school early and go to Maryland in January to enroll in classes. Then he will participate in spring football practice at Maryland. 

Kevin Knowles is another very talented player. He plays defensive back and is being recruited by Clemson and Alabama, among the best college teams in the nation. Jerrold Pough, also a top defensive player will play for Rutgers. Alfonzo Allen is a highly regarded safety who is being recruited by many players.

On offense, Horace Atkins is playing well at quarterback. Jaylen Taylor is a top running back.

Coach Senatus is working to develop the McArthur program. He wants his team to be one that young players aspire to be a part of. And he wants players to have the opportunity to play college football. “I want college coaches to want our players. I want the players here to have the opportunity to play college football and get an education,” he said.

Senatus is encouraging players to eat healthy foods and to take physical conditioning seriously. He wants them to take their academic work seriously, as well.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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