McArthur Girls Wrestlers Compete in State Meet in Orlando

Four girls from the McArthur High School wrestling team recently traveled to Orlando to participate in a state championship wrestling meet at Dr. Phillips High School. The event brought about 300 girl wrestlers from 94 schools together for a competitive meet.

Mike Zarra, the McArthur wrestling coach, is one of many wrestling coaches that really want girls wrestling to be recognized in Florida as a varsity sport. “There are more girls participating in wrestling in the Orlando area,” said Zarra. “There were 22 girls from Dr. Phillips High School. I believe it is important that girls’ wrestling becomes recognized as a high school sport.”

Girls can participate in wrestling, but they must do so with the boys’ teams. Those who do really love the sport.

“Participating in the state meet was a great experience, said wrestler Jessika Rosado.  “I got two pins and I was really happy. When I wrestle, it makes me feel stronger and helps me get rid of stress.”

Skyler Abruscati also enjoyed competing in the state meet. “I got a pin. I like wrestling because it is physically challenging,” she said.

Lydia Pierce also enjoyed participating.  “Wrestling is a great sport and I enjoy being a part of the team,” she said.

Marine Josephine has loved being on the wrestling team. “The state meet was a good opportunity for all of us. We got closer as a team,” she said. “I hope to continue wrestling in college.”

The girls who wrestle say they love the physical challenge of wrestling. They say the sport gives them a sense of empowerment and that they enjoy being a part of the team.

The McArthur boys’ wrestling team is getting ready for the district competition. Some of the better wrestlers will likely qualify for the regional meet and possibly even the state meet.

Zarra said he believes the two top wrestlers on the McArthur team are Carlos Sorondo, who competes in the 132 pound weight class and Eric Melvin who competes in the 220 pound weight class.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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