McArthur High club brings awareness to social issues through performance arts

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McArthur High School students who enjoy sharing their talents are joining Express the Arts, a student-led club that provides an opportunity to develop skills in singing, dancing, poetry, step dance and other artistic forms.

McArthur High alumna Sheleessa Constantine created the club in 2014 as a way to bring awareness to key social issues through the performance arts.

“We love to share our talents with the community,” said Sarah Demetrius, a club leader.

The high-energy club has a faculty adviser and has visited locations off campus to give performances, such as at events for low-income children, in addition to putting on presentations for school events such as lunchtime pep rallies. Anyone who wants to learn more about artistic expression is welcome to join.

Jasmine Masere, also a leader in Express the Arts, said, “We are like a family. We help people develop leadership skills and we love to perform.”


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Author: Amanda Jones

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