McArthur High School is 5-0 in High School Football

The McArthur High School football team has a 5-0 record midway through the season. The Mustangs defeated Nova High School 40 to 27 in a hard-fought contest. The quarterback, T.J. Smith threw three touchdown passes and threw for 307 yards. Head Coach Pierre Senatus was pleased with the performance of the Mustangs and especially with T.J. Smith.

Also, Jaylen Taylor scored a touchdown for the Mustangs on a two-yard run. Other important plays included a 43-yard pass completion play from T.J. Smith to Kelvin Taylor which brought the Mustangs close to the end zone. Also, a 47-yard touchdown pass play from T.J. Smith to Billy Pierre during the second quarter.

Coach Senatus is in his first year at McArthur. He has turned the program around and achieved success.


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Author: Amanda Jones

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