McArthur High School journalism teacher named 'Walmart’s Elected Commander in Teach'

Margarita Sweeting was glad to be recognized for her work as a yearbook and journalism teacher at McArthur High School. She was elected as one of 20 teachers nationwide to receive the Walmart Commander in Teach(er) award. She received a $490 gift card to be used for classroom supplies.

“Teachers will spend around $490 of their own money for their classrooms,” said Alan Centazzo, manager of the Walmart in Hollywood. “We wanted to show appreciation for distinguished teachers and give them a gift card they can use for classroom supplies.”

Sweeting loves her students and wants to help them learn. She has been teaching for 16 years. “I want to make sure they understand the ethical side of journalism. I have a love for journalism. I am excited about his award,” she said.

With this year’s election, Walmart called on its customers to nominate their favorite teacher. The 20 teachers who received the most votes were each named Walmart’s Elected Commander in Teach(er).

Catherin Munguid is taking Sweeting’s yearbook class this year and studied journalism with Sweeting the previous two years. “She is a very kind and understanding teacher. She cares about students and goes above and beyond for them,” said Manguid.

Shamar Stephens is taking journalism with Sweeting and enjoys the class. “She is a very dedicated and caring teacher. She is understanding,” said Stephens.

McArthur Principal Todd LaPace was pleased to see one of his school’s teachers receiving an honor. He gave Sweeting a big hug. Some of Sweeting’s students attended the presentation. “This is a well-deserved honor for Sweeting,” said LaPace.

During a visit to her classroom, one could see that she gave an interesting presentation on legal cases involving media. She had the attention of her students.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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