McArthur High School Latinos in Action Focus on Leadership and Community Service

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Lorena Guzman was born in Cuba and raised in Spain. She came to the United States and is now a student at McArthur High School.

She is also president of Latinos in Action, an organization that promotes Hispanic culture.

“Being in Latinos in Action has been an amazing experience,” Guzman said. “I have learned a lot about different cultures and made a lot of friends. I love being a part of it.”

Members of Latinos in Action take a leadership class and perform community service, according to Jessica Santos, advisor to the organization.

Mcarthur high school latinos in action focus on leadership and community service
Lorena Guzman, president of Latinos in Action and Adriana Avila co-president of the organization in the foreground .

Members have participated in beach cleanups. They also tutor elementary school students, as well as mentoring younger children who may be facing various challenges.

Recently members of the McArthur Latinos in Action participated in Mustangfest. They sold empanadas and chips.

“I enjoy being a part of Latinos in Action,” said Adriana Avila, co-president. “I enjoy meeting people from diverse backgrounds.”

Latinos in Action will continue offering members the chance to develop leadership skills. They are encouraged to pursue college educations and to develop career goals.

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