McArthur High School Principal Todd LaPace earns recognition

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McArthur High School Principal Todd LaPace received a greatly coveted award. He was named Florida Association of Student Councils Principal of the Year for 2014 – 2015. What makes this award so special is that Student Government Association leaders worked very hard to ensure that he received it.

“I think that the students here appreciate the amazing culture we have at McArthur High School,” said LaPace.

Student leadership is something that LaPace strongly encourages. He is proud that the number of student organizations at McArthur has increased from about 25 to more than 60 in a short time. “I want to see pride in leadership and there are many opportunities for students to become leaders at McArthur,” said LaPace.

As a principal LaPace does not want to be someone that spends most of his day in an office. He wants to be in the halls and visiting classrooms getting to know teachers and students. He wants to be accessible and he insists on having an open door policy. LaPace wants students and faculty to be comfortable in approaching him if they have a concern or a goal they want to accomplish.

“I believe in the teachers and students at McArthur. We have a dynamic staff here. I value my staff and I want to build strong relationships with people here.  We have a great Student Government Association and we have students who are doing well,” said LaPace.


Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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