McArthur High School stuents make holidays bright for less fortunate

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Deziree Lara believes it is important to help others. As president of the McArthur High Student Government Association (SGA), she is in a position to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

The McArthur High School SGA led the Harvest Drive effort. Students at McArthur and the elementary and middle schools that are considered feeder schools to McArthur were encouraged to contribute non-perishable food items to the Harvest Drive. Also, a group of McArthur students collected about $1,500 in donations over two days in front of a Publix.

All the food was collected and brought to McArthur. There students placed the food in shopping bags. About 150 families that were identified as in need were given bags of food that contained about 90 items. They were also given a $35 Publix gift certificate to purchase a turkey or other meat item. The goal was to make sure that families in the area could have a nice Thanksgiving.

“We spent more than two weeks collecting canned goods. We want to make sure the families have food for the week of Thanksgiving. It is our responsibility to help people,” said Lara.

Caitlynn William, a vice president for the SGA said, “I think it is important to help others. It would be very selfish if we didn’t help people who are need.”

And the students who assembled the food items enjoying working together to make Harvest Drive a success.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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