McArthur Celebrates Homecoming at Mustangfest

Mcarthur Mustangfest

Students at McArthur High School enjoyed Mustangfest, which is part of the school’s homecoming celebration.

It would have been hard not to have fun at Mustangfest. Many of the school’s clubs and organization participated in the event. They had booths set up and people could meet with the members. “This is really fun I think everyone had a good time,” said Emily Soto, a member of the McArthur Student Government Association. “We helped put on Mustangfest.”

Students from various organizations spent time together and mingled with other groups. Many raised funds by selling food items. Some of the student organizations present included:

  1. Latinos in Action,
  2. The McArthur Chorus,
  3. The Mu Alpha Theta Math Club,
  4. Best Buddies International,
  5. The Muslim Student Association,
  6. The Mighty Mechanical Mustangs, the school’s robotics team.

After Mustangfest, students watched the McArthur football team defeat American High School for the homecoming game.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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