McArthur offers Cambridge program and an exciting band

Alfred Broomfield, new McArthur Principal

Alfred Broomfield, is settling into his new position as principal of McArthur High School.

And so far he really likes what he sees. Broomfield especially loves the enthusiasm of the students and teachers. “We have the best marching band in South Florida,” he said. “The kids love the band and enjoy being a part of it.”

And Broomfield should know. He earned a full music scholarship to FAMU where he was a member of the world Marching 100. “It was a great opportunity and I got to be part of a great band program and I was able to travel,” he said.

Broomfield wants to help McArthur students have the same types of opportunities. McArthur has begun offering the Cambridge program. Students who complete this program — which is considered very rigorous — can earn an Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) diploma and a Bright Futures Scholarship which pays for a four year degree in Florida and offers a stipend. They can also earn college credits in high school.

“McArthur has had many successes and I believe a young person can get as good an education at McArthur as any other high school in the area,” he said. “I want to get the community involved in the school. I want to increase school spirit,” he said.

And so far the school is doing well. During a recent football game, the band gave a rousing performance and many people came out to cheer on the Mustangs to a victory over University School. Many of the students are involved in a wide variety of clubs. 

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Author: Amanda Jones

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