McArthur Pre-Med Club Preps Students for Careers in Healthcare

Mcarthur Pre-Med Club

Medicine and healthcare offer many solid career opportunities for young people. While most of these careers require years of high-level education, a group of students at McArthur High School are ready for the challenge.

They are members of the Pre-Med Club.

“My goal is to become a doctor,” said Jarisel Rodriguez, president of the club. “I hope to begin studying for my career at the University of Central Florida. I enjoy learning about medicine, and I like being a leader of the Pre-Med Club.”

Melissa Boone, a pre-med instructor at McArthur wants to encourage students to pursue careers in medicine and healthcare.

“There are many good opportunities in the health field and I want the students to prepare for careers in health,” Boone said.

Members of the Pre-Med Club participated in Mustangfest and enjoyed spending time together before the football game.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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