McArthur High School’s ‘Latinos in Action’ Group Primes Students for Success

The McArthur High School Latinos in Action program offers students, many of whom are recent immigrants, an opportunity to make new friends, develop leadership skills and make a positive contribution to their school and their communities.

Latinos in Actions offers a class and a club program at McArthur. And it participates with other clubs in activities. During the recent Mustang Fest, the club’s members participated and had a lot of fun. They danced and enjoyed upbeat music. They all enjoyed spending time together before the football game.

Much of what Latinos in Action does is about promoting Latin culture and helping students from a Hispanic background achieve success.

“We mentor children in nearby elementary schools,” said Ashley Arementeros, president of Latinos in Action at McArthur. “We have a lot of event during the school year. We help out with Beach Cleanup.

Jessica Santos, the advisor to Latinos in Action said her goal as the advisor is to encourage all members to graduate from college. “I want to help all the members to develop leadership skills. We do college visits and we do service projects.”

Anais Avila, a member of Latinos in Action said she has enjoyed being a member and helping others. “I want to make our community better and I love to mentor young children,” she said.

Kevin Brito, a member said he loves the opportunity to develop as a leaders and enjoys sharing Latin culture with his fellow students.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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