McNicol Middle School honored Magnet School of Excellence

Mcnicol middle school honored magnet school of excellence

McNicol will be honored an upcoming conference in Baltimore as a Magnet School of Excellence by the Magnet Schools of America.

This is a merit award that few schools earn. McNicol offers magnet program in STEM, Science and Pre-Engineering and International Affairs and Business.

Leaders of the school applied to Magnet Schools of America for the award. They had to show that the school was achieving diversity, academic and community involvement goals.

“This is a big honor for us and we are proud,” said Dacyany Ibarrondo, assistant principal.

Mcnicol middle school honored magnet school of excellence
Sasha Behm, robotics teacher at McNicol Middle School.

Sasha Behm, who teaches robotics, pre-engineering and STEM an energetic and enthusiastic teacher. She believes it is important to teach students high technology skills.

During a recent class, students were working on building a model of a roller coaster. Bianca Renteria, a student in the class loves working on technology and like having Behm as a teacher. “I enjoy working robotics and engineering. I believe the STEM program will offer many opportunities.”

Justin Noble-Mattis, also a robotics student said, “I’ve enjoyed building bridges and roller coasters. It’s fun to learn about new technology.”

Mcnicol middle school honored magnet school of excellence
Bianca Renteria and Justin Noble-Mattis, robotics students at McNicol Middle School.
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