Memorial Healthcare System Partners with Local Hotels to Offer In-Room Tele-Healthcare for Florida Visitors

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Hollywood-based Memorial Healthcare Systems has inked its first hotel partnership deal for the MemorialDOCNow program, paving the way for any local hotel to offer the new in-room Telehealth service to its guests.

According to a recent article in the South Florida Hospital News & Healthcare Report, nearly 70% of people surveyed in 2015 were willing to consult with a doctor over a video link. Simply by downloading the MemorialDOCNow app upon arrival at any participating hotel, guests can take advantage of this urgent care-like service, which gives users access to health care, education and support using telecommunication technologies.

The Diplomat Beach Resort in Hollywood was the first hotel to take advantage of this innovative new resource, and the hospital is aggressively targeting other hotels in the tri-county area.

Designed especially for visitors and tourists who do not have a family doctor within reach, the $59 medical service fee is an affordable way to address non-emergency, minor medical concerns from the convenience and privacy of a resort room, through a virtual chat with a physician.

“With this first-of-its-kind partnership, Memorial Healthcare System is providing a convenient, cost-effective alternative to emergency room or urgent care center visits for medical care for minor conditions and illnesses,” said  Bill Manzie, Administrative Director of Telehealth Strategy for Memorial Healthcare System. “Now, tourists who are visiting Hollywood hotel and resort locations can have a consult with a physician with just a swipe of their finger. MemorialDOCNow provides an opportunity for a person to receive care from the comfort of their hotel room, with services ranging from Pediatrics to Adult care.  Our goal is to have local partners who agree with our forward-thinking, which ultimately will help Hollywood to be known as one of the most innovative vacation destinations in Florida. ”


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Bill Manzie, recently featured on the cover of a medical trade publication

The partnership between the hotels and Memorial Healthcare System is a natural fit,  given that most international and out-of-state guests do not have access to a local family doctor when they unexpectedly catch a cold, develop sunburn, or experience food poisoning while away from home.


The affiliated physicians associated with the application are trained in telehealth services, which are limited to evidence-based medicine, not emergencies. During the video chat, doctors ask questions regarding current symptoms and medical history before diagnosing the patient.

“The MemorialDOCNow application is available at all times, and this partnership shows how progressive hotels can provide innovation in healthcare and service to its patrons, through the convenience of telehealth,” added  Manzie.  “Having 24-hour access to a physician who can prescribe medicine when needed can improve the travel experience immensely when a hotel guest is not feeling well and needs medical support.”

The affordable $59 service usually does not qualify for reimbursement by health insurance, but it is often equal to or lesser priced than standard medical copays. The service is available 24 hours a day and the average wait time is less than 10 minutes.

Since its inception in 1953, Memorial Healthcare System has been a leader in providing high-quality health care services to South Florida residents. Today, it is one of the largest public healthcare systems in the nation and highly regarded for its exceptional patient- and family-centered care. Memorial has a reputation as one of Florida’s leading healthcare systems and is supported by a distinguished medical staff. In fact, the vast majority of physicians are board certified or board qualified in their specialties and have been trained at many of the nation’s finest medical schools and hospitals. Because of its distinguished medical staff and services, Memorial draws patients from all over South Florida and beyond.

For additional information on Memorials Telehealth services,  visit or contact Manzie at 954 276 1425 or


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