Military Heroes Support Foundation sends care packages to military personnel

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Carol Sain has a heart for U.S. military personnel. A Hollywood resident, she is vice president of the Military Heroes Support Foundation. This organization sends Care packages to military people who are deployed abroad.

Most of the Care packages go to military personnel who are serving in Afghanistan but the packages can be sent to other areas. An important priority is to send the Care packages to people who have no one to send them a package.

“This comes from my heart. I want to make sure that military people who are serving abroad receive a Care package,” said Sain. “When I asked to volunteer I was told there were no paid positons. I am not doing this for money. I want to help people who are serving in the military.”

Sain often packs Care packages at her home. “I never want to let a hero stand alone. I also work to help families of military personnel who are stationed abroad. I have helped families with young children get diapers and clothing. I will buy items for the Care packages,” said Sain. “I recently sent 60 Care packages.”

And Sain plans to keep sending the packages. The Care packages include beef jerky, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, socks, insect repellent and other items. 

She has also worked to organize parties for the families of military personnel stationed abroad. And Sain is active in helping military people who have recently returned home. Recently the Foundation held a social event at Bass Pro Shops/ Outdoor World.

Ruben Ruiz, retired from the U.S. Marine Corps after a 13 year career. He reached the rank of Staff Sergeant. He sustained injuries while serving in Afghanistan. He appreciates the support he received from the Foundation and now is volunteering with the organization.

“I think is it important to send Care packages to people who are serving abroad. I know how much we appreciated the Care packages.”

Ruiz, who lives in Hollywood is now involved in helping military veterans make the transition from active duty military life to civilian life. He is president of operations for Heroes Entering Life’s Opportunities. He owns a tattoo business with two locations and is studying business at Nova Southeastern University. Ruiz plans to attend a fire academy.

Ruiz wants to help military veterans transition from the highly regimented life that most of them know to civilian life. He believes that military veterans offer a strong work ethic and an eagerness to accomplish tasks regardless of the obstacles. 

“Military veterans usually stand out because they work very hard,” said Ruiz. He has found that sometimes this can actually work against military veterans because they can make civilians uneasy. Ruiz is eager to help military veterans find job and education opportunities. He would like to see more veteran’s resource centers.

Sean Varriale, a U.S. Marine is hoping to become a police officer. He is volunteering with the Foundation and knows how much military personnel appreciate receiving Care packages.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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