Mooring field may come to Hollywood’s North Lake

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A marine mooring field may be coming to North Lake. During a recent meeting, the Hollywood Commission listened to a presentation by the Marine Advisory Board on the benefits of a mooring field. The Board is recommending that the City construct such a field.

Benefits include prevention of derelict vessels in City waterways, having a source of financial revenue, controlling vessels anchored in North Lake and creating a safe destination for vessels.

Under the plan, 20 mooring balls would be installed, and boaters would pay $20 a day during the summer months to tie up their boats there and $40 a day during the winter months. A mooring field in Fort Lauderdale that is similar to the one proposed for Hollywood generates about $118,460 in revenue. Costs of installation were not discussed.

Florida anchoring law prohibits local government authorities from regulating the anchoring outside of such mooring fields of vessels other than live-aboard vessels.

During the presentation, the commission saw pictures of derelict and partially submerged vessels and sunken watercraft as examples of the problems a mooring field could alleviate. If boats are anchored to the lake bottom rather than a mooring ball, this could damage the bottom of the lake. There have also been complaints about people abandoning their vessels and dumping trash and sewage overboard, as well as noise complaints involving loud music.

According to the Board, a marine mooring field would allow the City to better manage live-aboard vessels, improve water quality, and provide a better approach to the removal of sewage and trash. The City would have the ability to monitor and oversee vessels and to ensure they are good stewards of the environment. Boaters would have a safer place to moor their boats, a place for showers and laundry as well as ice and vending. A mooring field would also have an economic benefit, encouraging boaters to visit local merchants.

The City administration will now study the proposal to decide whether and how to proceed.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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