Municipal and Community News: Week of February 14th

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Great Southern Hotel has been demolished

Municipal and Community News: Week of February 14th
Municipal and Community News: Week of February 14th

A hotel build by Hollywood founder Joseph W. Young in 1924 has been demolished despite efforts to preserve the historic structure. It was determined that the building was unsafe.

In late January, as construction crews were performing work to brace the portions of the former Great Southern Hotel to be preserved, the crews and on-site engineers observed issues with the structural integrity of the building and notified the City of these concerns.

The City’s Building Division reviewed reports from four different engineers and field inspections. The evidence found significant deterioration of the structure or structural parts making the building unsafe according to the Florida Building Code.

Due to the determination that the historic north and west facades of the former hotel were unsafe and posed a significant threat to public safety, a modification of the existing demolition permit was issued, and a full demolition of the unsafe structure was completed.

In 2012, the City of Hollywood approved plans for the redevelopment of the site of the former Great Southern Hotel at the southwest corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Young Circle. The redevelopment plan is for a 19-story, mixed-use development with 166 upscale residential units, a 103 room hotel, a restaurant, and approximately 9,793 SF of retail and office space.

The approved plans preserved and incorporated the north and west facades of the former Great Southern Hotel as well as some interior features.

The development team has informed the City that they are committed to reconstructing the historical elements previously planned to be preserved as shown in the approved designs. They have also worked to save elements from the original construction with the goal of incorporating them into the new building where feasible.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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