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South Broward Beautification Day

Members of the South Broward High School community got together to participate in a Beautification Day. School administrators, teachers, parents, alumni, and students spent a Saturday morning working hard to improve the appearance of the school.

They placed mulch, removed weeds and old shrubs and cleaned up the campus. They refurbished a sign facing U.S. One and installed a new bench. They also did some painting.

The goal was to bring the community together to improve the overall appearance of the school.

South Broward Principal Patty Brown was working with students on improving the sign.

Municipal and Community News: Week of February 14th
South Broward High School principal Patty Brown participated in the South Broward Beautification Day. She was helping to improve a sign that faces federal Highway.

“I am so happy to see people coming out to work on the school,” she said. “I am really glad that so many people from the community are participating.”

Rachel Mazor, president of the Parent Teacher Student Organization, said she had been working to develop the Beatification Day and was pleased that it was so successful.

Members of the school’s services organizations participated in the Beautification Day. After working during the morning, they enjoyed a pizza lunch.

Mayor Josh Levy and Commissioner Caryl Shuham both participated in the event.

“This is a good event and a great venue,” Levy said. “I am glad people are getting together to have a good time,” he said.

“This is a great crowd and people have having fun,” Shuham said.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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