New Aviation Academy to Open at Hollywood North Perry Airport

Wayman Aviation Academy breaks ground on new school at North Perry Airport

A $3 million new-construction school and flight-line is rising at Hollywood North Perry Airport to help alleviate the international pilot shortage. It will house aerospace classrooms, flight dispatch and an expanded ramp for aircraft at the historic airfield in  Broward. Wayman Aviation Academy will train 200 professional pilots there in the next year.

Vice President Wayman Eddy says “South Florida is a major international aviation hub, the high-quality education students receive here will be the foundation for millions of safe flights spanning the globe.”

The escalating pilot shortage has caused airlines to reduce service and even declare bankruptcy for lack of pilots. Starting airline pilot salaries have nearly doubled in the last five years. The Greater Ft Lauderdale Alliance has focused on Aviation as a growth sector for Broward county. Hollywood North Perry Airport is a prime training field with a supportive community and infrastructure of housing, restaurants and businesses to serve students.

Wayman Aviation Academy is an FAA certified part 141 flight school operating in South Florida for 32 years. It has graduated thousands of airline pilots, who are flying all around the world. The Academy partners with Miami-Dade College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Liberty University.

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