New land development in Hollywood

New development is coming to Hollywood.

During a recent Commission meeting, Shiv Newaldass, chief development officer made a presentation on some of the development opportunities and challenges on certain land areas in the City.

University Station includes 3.5 acres of land less than half a mile from downtown Hollywood. There are opportunities for multi-modal development and interest from large industrial developers.

The Regional Activity Center (RAC) is located in the downtown area and includes about 1,125 acres. The goal is to encourage multi-use and mixed-use development. This would include residential and commercial development. An effort would be made to encourage more mass transit and less reliance on cars.

The South Park Road area includes about 30.6 acres of land that could be used for residential development in the future. However, the land is contaminated. It would require up to $5 million to clean up the land.

The Washington Industrial Park has presented some challenges to the City. It includes about 140 small auto businesses. The problems included a lack of parking spaces and businesses that were not up to code. The City made an effort to encourage the businesses to clean up their areas and bring their buildings and operations up to code.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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