New non-profit to provide free art therapy in Hollywood for people after a loss of a loved one to suicide

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Kevin Toliver-Lyons named the foundation in honor of his mother, Susan D. Lyons.

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Starting January 2018, the Healing Arts program will be offered at the Larry Joe Miller Art Studio at One Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood. 

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]n March 4th, 2014, twelve days after her 67th birthday Susan D. Lyons took her own life. Her son, Kevin Toliver-Lyons has created the Susan D. Lyons Foundation for Hope Healing Arts Program to help people like himself to explore coping skills and process emotions related to losing a loved one to suicide.

The Susan D. Lyons Foundation for Hope Healing Arts Program offers a unique opportunity for people of all ages to express themselves creatively while dealing with stress, grief and loss in a safe, non-judgmental setting.

Licensed art therapists facilitating the program offer encouragement and guidance while emphasizing the process of the artwork, not the final product. Artistic talent or prior training is not required.

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The power of creative expression is known to move people beyond the stereotypes, distortions, and the malignant silence that pervades the societal understanding and reaction to the phenomena of suicide.


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The first and only sketch by the late Susan D. Lyons.

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Creating artwork spontaneously, based on current emotions, moods and thoughts that represent original voice narratives can push beyond the taboos and stigma of suicide.

“We want to express individual narratives of the specific individual journey in such a way as to present an underlying sense of humanity that is empathetic, and is above all, an honest representation of this trauma and a stepping stone to healing,” said founder Kevin Toliver-Lyons.

IMG 1782
Susan D. Lyons in 1987.

Creative outlets of expression allow complex and strong emotions to be rendered in tangible forms that have the power to express feelings that often words alone cannot.

Starting January 2018, the Healing Arts program will be offered at the Larry Joe Miller Art Studio at One Young Circle in Downtown Hollywood. Programs are designed for ages 5-12, and 13-17 respectively. Adult programs are offered for people 18 and older. Sessions are limited to five people per session.

The programs are free of charge and open to anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide. Supplies are also provided and there is a gallery showing reception at end of the program.

Visit or call 646-402-4669 for more information.


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Author: Amanda Jones

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