New Police Station Tops City Wish List for Proposed General Obligation Bond


The Hollywood Police Department wants a new headquarters building.  There are many that say it needs a new headquarters building.  And if the proposed general obligation bond is approved as it now stands, the Department would receive one, at a cost of approximately $49 million.  But that’s still far in the future.  Talk of the bond is in its beginning phases now, and it may not even be on the ballots until 2019.

Getting back to the Police station, there is also talk of moving the station to a new location in central Hollywood. This would free up valuable space on Hollywood Boulevard that could be used for more lucrative development, which could ultimately generate more revenue for the City.

“The City needs a new police station,” said Hollywood Police spokesman Lt. Derik Alexander.  “The building itself is about 42 or 43 years old and is outdated. The electrical grid is maxed out and can’t add more electronics to the facility. There are ADA issues. The main problem is that this building is not rated to withstand anything stronger than a Category 3 hurricane or tornado. In the event of a powerful hurricane, we would have to abandon our station.

“Als, we have run out of space. The building is way beyond its useful potential. We need to build a new police station from the ground up.”


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Author: Amanda Jones

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