New President and CEO of Memorial Healthcare System selected


The Memorial Healthcare System Board selected Aurelio Fernandez III as the CEO and President of the system. He was one of two finalists for the position. The other candidate as Dr. Robert Kelly, the former president of New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Fernandez has been serving as the interim president and CEO of Memorial Healthcare System since March 1. He replaces Frank Sacco, who retired after a long career with the system. The seven member board decided unanimously to name Fernandez as the CEO. The decision follows a contentious search that ¬†ended with the applause for board’s selection.

In earlier meetings, members of the community spoke in favor of hiring Fernandez who has enjoyed a successful career with Memorial Healthcare System. During the meeting, board members praised Fernandez and said they expected he will provide strong and effective leadership to the large public hospital system.

Mr. Fernandez has been with the Memorial Healthcare System for the past nine years, serving first as CEO of Memorial Hospital Miramar before being promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Memorial Healthcare System in 2012.

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