New principal at Orange Brook Elementary aims to get the school 'back on the right track'

Principal O’Neal aims to get the C school back to an A under his watch

Students going back to Orange Brook Elementary School in Hollywood this year will be meeting a new principal. Devon O’Neal, an educator with Broward County Public Schools for over 13 years, is looking forward to leading the school.

“It is humbling to be named a principal of a school. My goal as a leader is to do what is best for the students. I want to get the school back on the right track,” he said. “Currently we are a C school designated by the State of Florida. I want to get us back to being an A school as we were four years ago.”

Orange Brook’s new principal plans to improve relationships with the local community. “I want to make sure that our teachers have the necessary tools and professional development to meet the needs of our students and I want to highlight and showcase the many successes that we have at Orange Brook Elementary School during the school year,” Devon explained.

About O’Neal

O’Neal graduated first from Dillard High School in Ft. Lauderdale; he went on to play football at Eastern Illinois University where he finished his Bachelor’s degree in education. He later earned his Master’s degree in Education Leadership at Nova Southeastern University.

Devon’s education experience began as a physical education and science teacher at Margate Middle School. He moved on to become an assistant principal at Deerfield Beach Middle, Miramar Elementary and Markham Elementary School.

He credits strong people in his life for his success. “My mentor was Mr. Willie Dudley, the principal at Parkway Middle. He inspired me as a middle school student to become a principal. He was always sharp and a positive man. My sister Angela Neely, a captain with the BSO took care of my siblings and I after my mother died. She raised and inspired me to give back to my community,” said O’Neal.

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