New Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program Finances Home Renovations in Hollywood

County and city officials at the dedication of Juliet McGriff's renovated home on Fletcher Street.

Hollywood resident Juliet McGriff was having problems with her roof and septic tank. She contacted the city to see if there were programs to help her.

The retired homeowner, who has resided in the same home for 38 years and raised three daughters within its walls, never thought that she would receive a home renovation as a result of that inquiry.

McGriff celebrated the complete renovation of her home, the first completed under Hollywood’s new Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program, during a ceremony that included Broward County and City of Hollywood leaders on Jan. 8.

The home of Juliet McGriff was renovated the an IlA program. The home was extensively renovated and a celebration was held for the first of these projects on Jan. 8.
Juliet McGriff in front of her newly renovated home during the dedication on Jan. 8. Photo by David Volz.

“I am very happy with the renovation work,” said McGriff. “I have a new roof, new air conditioning and my house was painted. This is very good.”

The extensive renovation was made possible through an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) between Broward County, the City of Hollywood and the Hollywood CRA. This Interlocal Agreement is for the support, maintenance, and improvement of affordable housing within low and moderate income areas of the City.

The financing was used to:

  1. replace the roof,
  2. replace the soffit,
  3. replace the fascia,
  4. paint the exterior,
  5. provide security lighting,
  6. and replace the driveway and fence.
Juliet McGriff and Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy at the dedication of McGriff's renovated home.
Juliet McGriff and Hollywood Mayor Josh Levy at the dedication of McGriff’s renovated home. Photo by David Volz.

“This is good a day in Hollywood,” said Mayor Josh Levy. “We are able to help low to moderate homeowners who need public assistance. We are able to rehabilitate existing homes.”

Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr said these projects are good for the community, adding that these are homes people with moderate incomes can afford.

More home improvement projects will soon be completed and low to moderate income residents can apply to be a part of the program.

For more information, email the Community Development Division at or call 954.921.3271.

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