Nonprofit Serving Disabled Adults Hosts Cookout “Field Day” Event at T.Y. Park

Rayfield Family Literacy, Inc. (RFL), a nonprofit organization dedicated to the care of the developmentally and physically disabled, hosted its first annual Cookout “Field Day” for the city of Hollywood and its residents on Saturday, October 19, 2019.

The day of play’s events included fun-filled activities and competitions for children and adults. The park’s pavilions were filled with attendees including RFL’s students, neighboring group homes’ residents and community locals.

Participants were afforded the opportunity to compete with family, friends and acquaintances in tug-a-war and volleyball challenges. Moreover, RFL’s Tigers, the nonprofit’s basketball team, dueled against Brownsville Church of Christ, a Miami-based basketball team, in a high-powered male dominated basketball tournament, in which the latter was victorious.

Correspondingly, RFL provided guests with savory and sweet fan favorites to satisfy their appetites. Patron’s plates were filled with grilled ribs, chicken, and hotdogs, along with southern-styled macaroni and cheese, among other food items. Popular carnival treats such as fruit flavored shaved ice, buttered popcorn, candied apples and various flavors of cotton candy were also available for the picking.

Oftentimes, individuals with special needs are an underserved demographic. Namely, as a state funded program, RFL encounters the disadvantages of inadequate Medicaid coverage and delayed reimbursements. Advantageously, RFL partnered with the Bowser Women, Tri-county Youth Workers and Pierce Street Church of Christ to organize and sponsor the event as a fundraiser with a portion of the proceeds benefiting adults with disabilities.

Fundraising, volunteers, items donations and sponsorships are vital to the success and expansion of the organization and its community-oriented services including, but not limited to, literacy programs, clothing donations and a weekly food pantry.

The mission of Rayfield Family Literacy, Inc. is to provide a full battery of support services to families like tutoring, counseling, food and clothing including those with various diagnosis such as Autism, Developmental Delays, and Speech and Motor Delays.

For more information about Rayfield Family Literacy, Inc., and its opportunities to volunteer, donate or sponsor, please visit or contact Dr. Senetta Carter Anthony at 954-894-0518.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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