November Nuggets!

grand group pop-ups are slated for Hollywood in November!

the 5th SQUATTER presents Eastside Artisan & Flea and on the 11th
it’s the V3 at AT3: Vixens, Veterans & Visuals Art Extravaganza at Atelier

hip outdoor event at the Hollywood Beach Golf Resort offers a cornucopia of
cool arts and crafts—a wide-variety of vendors and the venue itself offers the opportunity
for a repast at Rudy’s…

at AT3 is an evening of inclusiveness combining visual art, music and camp– a
celebration of freedom of expression and thanksgiving to Veterans who have made
that proposition possible!

event is hosted by legendary Drag Queen Misty Eyez—Atelier 3, Hollywood’s
hippest java joint will be jumpin’ big time come November 11th

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Author: Amanda Jones

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