Patricia Brown is the new South Broward High School Principal

Patricia brown is the new south broward high school principal

South Broward High School has a new principal. Patricia “Patty” Brown will lead the school and is looking forward to helping teachers and students achieve success.

During the previous year, Brown was an intern at South Broward and gained valuable hands-on experience. Previously she was an assistant principal at Coral Springs High School. She was second in command and worked with the seniors and the master schedule.

“I am looking forward to leading the school and I want to make sure the students are college, career and life ready,” said Brown.  “It is important that we have strong academics, security and safety.”

Brown believes it is important to focus on the whole student. She is leading a new magnet program known as iCAN which enables students to select courses in areas that interest them. This means a student could focus on fine arts, hospitality and tourism, engineering, childcare and many other academic areas.

 Also, South Broward has a strong and well-known Marine Magnet program which prepares students for high paying careers in marine technology. Students gain extensive knowledge and experience in repairing boat engines. The Cambridge program is also strong and prepares students for college and to think globally.

“I want students to get a better jump on college. I want them to be prepared for the real world. I want them to be able to do a job interview, give a proper handshake and learn how to close a conversation well,” said Brown.

Brown recognizes that teenagers today deal with a wide range of social and emotional issues. “This is why it is important for teachers to receive social and emotional training and deal with the whole child,” she said.

Before becoming a school administrator, she was a peer counseling coordinator and guidance director at Deerfield Beach Middle School. She has two master’s degrees one in counseling and the other in psychological counseling from Columbia University in New York, New York.

“I want to create an environment that students, teachers, staff and parents are happy to come to. I want students and teachers to feel challenged and I want to improve their personal and professional selves. I feel it is my job to be everybody’s number one cheerleader.” 

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