Poetry Submission: A Publix in Hollywood by Nick Vagnoni

by Nick Vagnoni
for David Svenson

I bought canned hearts of palm, a jar of purple Peruvian olives,

and a little can of tuna from Spain

that would slice my knuckle and bleed it into my sink;

I saw a tired family with hospital visitor stickers on their shirts,

and in the cut fruit cooler,

between wedges of pineapple and tubs of chunked fruit,

a four-pack of Natural Light tallboys,

with one gone missing from its plastic snare.

Did you see who stole that air-conditioned beer?

Who found the least fetid steak?

Were you there to sympathize with the armed security guard?

Did you see the young couple arguing in line,

him waving her off as she stormed away,

her coming back to ask if he needed help carrying their bag of charcoal?

And did you see, on the way out,

across from the scale, the Western Union forms,

and the copy machine destroyed by the desperate scanning

of so many photo IDs and passports and water bills,

perched on the coin counting machine, tall as that missing can of beer,

a candle

for the sacred heart

unlit then, but already burned to its base,

and on it the words

have mercy on us…

glowing furnace of charity…

have mercy…

Nick Vagnoni teaches undergraduate writing courses at Florida International University, where he received his MFA in creative writing. He was born and raised in Key West, and he studied at New College of Florida prior to moving to Miami. Last year, he began teaching poetry classes in local prisons via a partnership between Exchange for Change and O, Miami.


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Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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