Primary Care Physicians of Florida Celebrates 40 Years of Operation

Primary Care Physicians of Florida celebrated 40 years of operation with a community event at one of its Hollywood locations. Those who came enjoyed lunches from food trucks, a DJ, raffles and other fun events and activities. They also met doctors and health professionals with Primary Care Physicians.

The organization offers a wide range of medical services including wound care, dental services, pap smears, minor surgery, immunizations, asthma treatments, optometry services, pulmonary testing, pharmacy and many other health services.

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Dr. Roberto Fernandez-Blay and Dr. Moises Issa celebrate the 40th
anniversary of Primary Care Physicians of Florida. They have a large health care operation in Hollywood.

“We wanted to take a day and show our appreciation to our patients,” said Roberto Fernandez-Blay, M.D., Chief Medical Officer.

Moises Issa, M.D., Chief Medical Officer said, “I love Hollywood and I am glad we can take care of patients in this city.”

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