Proposed County ordinance would prohibit solicitation at intersections

The Broward County Commission has asked the County Attorney to draft an anti-solicitation ordinance that would cover major intersections with high volumes of traffic. The goal is to reduce car accidents involving pedestrians at the busiest intersections in unincorporated neighborhoods.

“This is direction for the legal staff to draft an ordinance that will proh ibit the solicitation of goods and services at key intersections.  Those intersections are ones that, through a study by the county, are identified as intersections that will result in a danger to the safety of either the solicitor or the public at large and will interfere with the safe movement of traffic,” said Mayor Tim Ryan, who brought the issue forward.

The Broward County Highway Construction and Engineering Division is completing a study of high volume intersections in unincorporated areas that are most prone to accidents, specifically those involving pedestrians.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit “solicitation, sales, and services to or from motor vehicles” at certain key intersectio ns in the unincorporated areas as identified by the county study.

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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