So-called 'puppy mill' ordinance to come before the Hollywood Commission June 1


Many Hollywood residents want to put a stop to the practice of the sale of dogs from commercial breeders. They have been attending Commission meetings to voice their demands that the sales be stopped.

At the April 20th  Hollywood Commission meeting the first reading of Item PO-2016-06 was an ordinance amending Chapter 92 of the Code entitled “Animals” to prohibit the sale of dogs and cats from pet shops, providing an exception requiring a certificate of source.

The motion was about to fail for lack of Commission support. However, an amendment was suggested to include requirements for sellers such as obtaining AKC certifications. Some other limitations were also suggested and the direction to staff was to work out the specifics before the second reading. The motion passed on a 5-2 vote to bring it back amended for a second reading.  Commissioners Patricia Asseff and Traci Callari voted against it.

The item is now due back before the Commission Wednesday June 1st at 1:45 p.m. at City Hall.

It is anticipated the ordinance will have updated language that says something to the effect of pet shops will not be able to sell or give away dogs and cats unless the shop obtains a number of items. For example the animal will need to come from a rescue organization or shelter. The store must display a certificate of the source of the animal by their cage, not sell sick or injured animals and display contact info for workers who are available 24/7.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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