Rocco’s Redux

The arrival of Margaritaville on the Hollywood Beach inspired some near-by businesses to to spruce up a bit–and why not? Sure, Cinderella looked fine in her scullery-maid duds, but she rocked it in that gown and slippers! Rocco’s Pizza was one such biz to beautify and their interior make-over was the brain-child of Omquest Design team Brian McInnes and his partner/artist Alejandra Palacios (Alejandra’s works now grace the walls of Rocco’s–Top Photo). Speaking of Alejandra, she and Peter Matcau will be exhibiting in August at Atelier 3–but more on that later…

Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

Amanda Jones specializes in social media marketing. She holds a Master's degree in Social Media Management from the University of Florida and a Social Media Professional Certificate from the University of Miami.


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