Royal Chessmen and History of Chivalry, groups based in Hollywood, enjoy Camelot Days

Royal Chessmen and History of Chivalry, groups based in Hollywood enjoy Camelot Days

People who love to perform and participate in staged combat might want to consider joining the Royal Chessmen.

The Royal Chessmen recently gave spirited and exciting performances at Camelot Days in TY Park. They performed a staged chess match/conflict between the Italian Stallions and the English Lions.

The various characters performed staged combats. The group meets for training rehearsals on Sunday afternoons from 1 to 5 p.m. at TY Park.

“We are a theater and staged combat acting group and we offer lessons on staged combat,” said Kevin Mathis, president of the Royal Chessmen.

Those who join learn about life in Europe from about 1500 to 1600. But for most people it is a chance to have a lot of fun, make some new and perhaps longtime friends, and develop acting skills.

The performances involved lots of comedy, some fighting scenes, and fantasy.

People who want a more intense fighting experience might want to consider joining the History of Chivalry. The organization provides actual medieval combat experience.

People dress in full armor and fight using various swords. The combats are to the yield.

After a few minutes of intense fighting in full armor, usually one of the participants is too exhausted to continue, and yields to the winner.

The men and women who participate enjoy an intense combat activity. But they are good friends and enjoy spending time together.

“We show people how to fight with various medieval weapons. We have fun together,” said Kevin Siegelbaum, of the History of Chivalry. The group meets on the fourth Sunday of every month at TY Park.

Members of the History of Chivalry can also learn the arts of the medieval and Renaissance era. They can learn about making clothing, cooking, singing, and other arts.

They can also participate in what is known as ministry, or administration. They learn about administering an organization and making sure that combat activities are properly run. They also learn archery skills.

Another group that participated in Camelot Days was Lotus Tribal Arts. They performed various belly dancing acts and danced to middle eastern music.

They performed dances from the Ottoman Empire time period. The group has a studio in Hollywood.

“We enjoy practicing our dances and performing,” said Alina Yllanes, a member of the group.

Many people came dressed in old European attire. Some dressed as bishops and knights, while others dressed as pirates or medieval royalty.

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