Royal Poinciana Limited Sewer Expansion Project Receives Approval

Royal poinciana limited sewer expansion project receives approval

The Hollywood Commission approved a major contract with Lanzo Construction for construction services related to the water main replacement program known as the Royal Poinciana Limited Sewer Expansion. The contract is valued at $22,867,926. Construction will take place from Hollywood Boulevard to Sheridan Street, between North Federal Highway and North 21st Avenue.

The water main replacement project will involve an installation of 87,000 linear feet of various sized water mains.

The limited sewer project scope involves the installation of 29,110 linear feet of various sized gravity and pressure sewer mains and the construction of a lift station and building. Pavement restoration, pavement markings and striping, and the decommissioning of life stations E-20 and E-22 are also part of the project.

The project requires flushing and pressuring tests for the new pipes, followed by chlorination and bacteriological sampling. The new water main will also be connected to the City’s existing potable water distribution system.

To protect road stability, the old water pipes will be cut, capped, and filled with grout.

The Commission also approved a work order for Tetra Tech that covers additional limited engineering services during construction for the project in the amount of $293,063.

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