Runas Peruvian Cuisine

Runas peruvian cuisine

After a long nail-biting week, all eyes were fixed on the local news stations desperately hoping Hurricane Dorian would stay offshore. Hollywood residents and business owners tackled preparations securing properties and purchasing necessary items including canned foods and other non perishables to sustain us just in case.  We sat, watched, and after days of uncertainty, received a fortunate all-clear from the meteorologists. 

Shutters opened, plywood came down and with that I soon jumped in the car and headed out into our beautiful City of Hollywood in search of a local spot to enjoy a great meal! 

Tuna Acevichado Roll 🥢🍱

I found myself at Runas Peruvian Cuisine, located at 219 N 21st Ave, Hollywood, FL 33020.  Sitting just a few blocks north of lively downtown, this restaurant surprises with a quaint, classy and comforting ambiance.

The menu has all the traditional Peruvian favorites with plenty to choose from.  I decided to go light with an appetizer and the always attentive server suggested an exotic platter of Charcoal Grilled Octopus, Melted Parmesan Scallops, Skewered Veal Hearts with Rustic Potatoes and Peruvian Kernel Corn. They are served with a chimichurri and house special spicy sauce for an added punch of flavor. 

I definitely was not disappointed!  The meaty Octopus and Veal Hearts were deliciously tender and went perfectly with the sweetness of the cheesy bay scallops of the sea.  A Peruvian surf and turf twist with prices that are very reasonable for the portion and quality of the dishes.

A truly awesome experience and highly recommended. Enjoy!

Runas Peruvian Cuisine
219 N 21st Ave.
Hollywood, FL 33020

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Author: Amanda Jones

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