School Board Member Ann Murray Addresses Hollywood Commission, Reports 94% Graduation Rate

Broward School Board member Ann Murray spoke to the Hollywood Commission during the March 7 meeting, presenting a positive report on the general situation of the 23 schools in the Hollywood zone.  She told the board that the graduation rate for Hollywood’s public schools is about 94 percent.

Murray also discussed the Broward School District plans to make the schools safer. Immediately, she noted, the board will be reducing access to one point of entry for all public schools, making it difficult for any unauthorized person to enter a school.

The School district is developing programs made possible by the $800 million bond program from 2014. This money will make possible providing musical instruments to more students, more access to technology for all students, and more construction and renovation projects throughout the district.

Every school has unique needs, Murray noted,  and the schools in Hollywood are doing well. She said that Broward County has the largest debate program initiatives in the nation and that many students are gaining valuable skills through debate. Chess clubs are becoming more popular and there are more technology programs available to students.

Picture of Author: Amanda Jones
Author: Amanda Jones

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