School News: Week of February 12th

School News: Week of February 12th

Hollywood Hills High receives recognition for young women taking AP computer course

Victoria Marrero loves working with complex computer codes. An advanced placement student in computer science at Hollywood Hills High School, she is among a growing number of young women at the school who are taking and mastering high level computer classes.

Marrero and her fellow students are studying Javascript.

“I like the complexity of the codes and all the different ways of solving a problem,” Marrero said. “I can make a website. I want to learn about cybersecurity. I want to continue learning more about computers.”

Hollywood Hills High School recently earned the Advanced Placement Computer Science Female Diversity Award. This award is presented by the College Board and recognizes schools for increasing participation among female students in rigorous AP computer science courses.

To receive the award, more than 50 percent of students taking the AP Computer Science Principles exam at the school must be female. The goal is to inspire more girls to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers.

“More women are getting involved in computers,” said Jeff Freeman, a computer science teacher at Hollywood Hills. “People who master Javascript can earn up to $77,000 a year.”

The students who successfully complete the AP computer science class will have the opportunity to take the computer science applications class next year.

Hollywood Hills High play explores the challenges of school integration

A group of Hollywood Hills High School students are performing a play to commemorate the integration of the school in the early 1970s.

The play is entitled “72 Track from Attucks Eagles to Hollywood Hills Spartans.” It explores many of the challenges and tensions that students faced with integration.

To integrate Hollywood Hills, African American students from Attucks High School had to come to Hollywood Hills. Now, Attucks is a middle school.

At first there were difficulties, but over time, and with some struggles, the students began to accept one another. Today, some of the alumni from that time came back for a visit, and to see the play.

During the play, the narrators discussed the challenges students faced during forced integration. The play ends by asking whether or not integration has been successful.

“I think it is important that we learn to accept one another,” Darla Miller, who plays the role of a cheerleader, said.

Gabby Santaella, the stage manager, also believes it important for students from different backgrounds to get along.

“I think this is an amazing play and I have enjoyed being a part of it,” said Santaella.

Emonde M. Prosper, a Hollywood Hills drama teacher who is directing the play, said that she thinks it is important for students to see how integration took place.

The alumni have been active with mentoring current students.

Hollywood Schools participate in drill meet at Hollywood Hills High School

Hollywood Hills High School hosted a drill meet for JROTC programs in the area. Nine schools participated in the event in which JROTC programs were evaluated on marching, poise, and attention to detail.

The color guards participated but were evaluated separately.

Here are the results:

  • The Hollywood Hills Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy came in third.
  • The Hollywood Hills Army JROTC program came in fifth.
  • The McArthur Army JROTC program came in eighth.
  • The Hollywood Hills JROTC female color guard was second.
  • The Military Academy female color guard was fourth.
  • The McArthur female color guard was fifth.
  • Everglades High School Army JROTC took first place in all categories.

“Overall I was proud of the effort our program made,” said Chief Warrant Four Eddie Jones, the senior Army instructor of the Hollywood Hills Army JROTC. “I was proud of everyone who participated. It was a good event.”

Andrea Sandoval, cadet major for the Hollywood Hills Leadership Military Academy said he felt proud of the effort they made.

This was the first drill event for Broward County.

South Broward High School Boys and Girls soccer teams win their district championships

The girls team defeated Everglades 2-1 in a hard-fought game to win the championship. Top players included: Emilia Hernandez, Olecia Colston, and Devin Levine.

The boys team defeated Everglades 4-1 to win the district championship.

“The girls played well and overcome adversity to have a winning season. I am very proud of this team,” said Coach Boomer Bray.

“It was a great feeling to win the district championship,” said Brianna Sandoval, a midfielder. “If we believe in ourselves and have confidence, we can continue to win.”

Coach Lionel Brown said everyone on the boys team played well.

“We have had a good season and I hope our team can continue to play well,” said Brown.


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