School News: Week of January 30th

Members of the South Broward High School Latinos in Action during a meeting at the school.

Latinos in Action at South Broward High School

Alemendra Gutierrez loves to help younger children. She also cares about her fellow classmates. As the president of Latinos in Action at South Broward High School, she is able to tutor and mentor children at nearby elementary schools who may be struggling with academics and adjusting to a new life in Hollywood.

Latinos in Action is a leadership program for high school students with an interest in and background in Hispanic culture. Many of the members or their parents are from Latin American countries. Members are encouraged to do well in academic work and to pursue a college education.

“I was born in Miami, but I grew up in Peru,” Gutierrez said. “I have attended private and public schools and was homeschooled. I enjoy being a student at South Broward. There is so much diversity here and the people here are nice. I like building relationships with people.”

Guiterrez and many of the Latinos in Action members enjoy tutoring and spending time with elementary school members.

She currently tutores students at Oakridge Elementary School.

Guiterrez has been accepted at the University of Notre Dame, the University of Miami, and Florida Atlantic University.

Katheryne Diez, a member of Latinos in Action, also loves being a member and to have the chance to meet new friends.

“I enjoy tutoring the children at Oakridge,” Diez said. “I feel that I am helping them. Some of them only speak Spanish and I am helping them learn English.”

Otto Rodriguez, the sponsor for Latinos in Action at South Broward, enjoys working with the student members.

“We go to elementary schools every week and tutor the children in English and Math,” Rodriguez said. “Our students also encourage them. We are developing leaders.”

Members of Latinos in Action have given dance performances at the school. They will also participate in a dance event at Florida Atlantic University.

Hollywood Hills High School honors mentors

Barbara Romano, an employee with the United Parcel Service, cares about young people. She mentors members of Women of Tomorrow at Hollywood Hills High School.

The mentors spend time talking with the students and encourage them to do well in school and in their personal lives.

“I work with the girls and discuss different topics,” said Romano. “We discuss college and career options, personal finance, mental health and other issues. I do this because I believe it is important to give back to the community.”

Romano was among a group of mentors who were honored during a recent luncheon at Hollywood Hills. The students who are being mentored participated in the event. Most are members of various organizations and are motivated to be successful.

Caryl Shuham, a member of the Hollywood Commission also mentors Women of Tomorrow. “I want to help prepare young women to be successful,” she said. Shuham wants the young women to understand personal finance and the various educational and career opportunities that are available to them.

Danielle Mazzarella, another member of Women of Tomorrow at Hollywood Hills, spoke during the luncheon. She appreciates the efforts the mentors are making for the students.

Hollywood High School computer science program meets diversity goal

The Advanced Placement Computers Science Principles class at Hollywood Hills High School was recognized by the College Board for meeting a diversity achievement goal. More than 50 percent of the students in this class are young women.

Jeff Freeman, who teaches computer science classes at Hollywood Hills High School, was pleased with this recognition.

“We want to see more girls taking computer science classes and we are seeing more girls do well in computer science classes at Hollywood Hills,” said Freeman.

It has been the case that many girls stop pursuing careers in technology and science after about middle school.

“We are making an effort to encourage more girls to pursue careers in science,” said Freeman.

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