Senator Sobel to run for Hollywood Mayor

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Florida Senator Eleanor Sobel has announced that she will run for Mayor of Hollywood. Sobel, a Democrat and has served as a Florida Representative, School Board member and has on the Hollywood Commission. Due to term limits, she cannot run for the Florida Senate in November 2016. 

Hollywood Commissioner Patricia Asseff has also said she will run for Mayor. The current Hollywood mayor, Peter Bober will not run for another term as mayor. 

Sobel says she knows the city well and will listen to people with an open mind.  “I love Hollywood. It is my hometown having lived and worked here my entire adult life. I am coming home to make Hollywood even better than it is now by bringing the government closer to the people, revitalizing neighborhoods, and bringing people and their communities together. Having learned in the past 24 years how to understand people better and having had lots of successes, I believe I can take these skills to my hometown Hollywood,” said Sobel.  Sobel said she will have an open door policy.



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Author: Amanda Jones

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