Simon Jordan net worth (Money, Assets & More)

Simon Jordan Net Worth
Simon Jordan Net Worth

The net worth figures and related information presented here are sourced from various public sources and may not be completely accurate or definitive due to the fluctuating nature of financial positions and valuations over time.

What is Simon Jordan Net Worth?

Simon Jordan net worth is 75 million British pounds.

This info was taken from sources like Reddit, Medium, Hollywood Gazette, Finderr.

Who is Simon Jordan?

Simon Jordan is a British entrepreneur and former owner of Crystal Palace Football Club.

He is recognized for his candid personality and frequent appearances on talkSPORT radio.

His net worth has drawn attention due to his prominent business ventures and media presence.

This article aims to analyze Simon Jordan’s estimated net worth in 2024.

Early Life and Career

Simon Jordan’s birthplace is Thornton Heath, South London.

He accumulated wealth in the mobile phone industry by establishing Pocket Phone Shop in 1994.

Jordan’s company was successful, and he reportedly sold it for £75 million in 2000.

Afterward, he acquired Crystal Palace Football Club, becoming the youngest football club owner in England at that time.

Ownership of Crystal Palace Football club

During Jordan’s ownership, Crystal Palace’s performance fluctuated between highs and lows.

After experiencing initial success, the club went into administration in 2010, leading Jordan to sell.

Although facing challenges, his time at Crystal Palace notably raised his public visibility and added to his financial success.

Media Career

After leaving Crystal Palace, Jordan entered the media industry.

He now contributes regularly on talkSPORT radio, offering insight into the business aspects of football.

He contributes to his net worth through his media work, which includes writing a column for The Sun newspaper.

Investments and Assets

Simon Jordan’s wealth comes from a combination of his business ventures and media work.

He has made significant investments in property and other businesses, which, along with his assets, contribute to his overall net worth.

Property Investments

Jordan holds multiple real estate investments in both the UK and overseas, which play a crucial role in his overall financial portfolio. It is expected that the value of these properties will appreciate over time.

Business Investments

Jordan has diversified his investments by acquiring businesses in various sectors, in addition to his property holdings.

These investments offer a diversified income stream and potential for future wealth growth.

Challenges in the legal and financial aspects

Jordan has encountered legal and financial challenges despite his accomplishments in his career.

These factors have influenced his net worth, yet he has consistently been able to recover.

Legal Issues

Jordan has been involved in legal disputes, including one with former Crystal Palace manager Iain Dowie, which have impacted him financially.

Financial Setbacks

Jordan faced financial challenges with Crystal Palace, but he has persevered and successfully regained his wealth.

Charitable Work

Simon Jordan is recognized for his charitable efforts, which, while not impacting his net worth directly, play a significant role in shaping his public image and reflecting his personal values.

Projected net worth of Simon Jordan’s

Simon Jordan’s net worth is estimated to be around $75 million, based on his current assets, investments, and income streams.

This projection includes potential growth in property and business investments, as well as ongoing income from media work.

The Simon Jordan worth comes from the mobile phone industry and from his career Simon Jordan claims that both Chelsea and his business skills and in depth analysis of premier league as well as Thornton heath investments since Jordan’s departure, when Jordan sold and was selling mobile phones and he was featured in the car magazine octane as an english businessman and immediately sold a significant part of Simon Jordan football company in England. Simon Jordan carphone warehouse and different businesses in England and in London owned by a team when the Palace went into administration with success by the team of Simon Jordan and by Simon Jordan himself.


Simon Jordan is an entrepreneur and media personality with a diverse portfolio of assets and investments.


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