Hollywood Police Department is distributing SmartWater kits in select neighborhoods in Hollywood

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Hollywood residents who want another tool in protecting their property from burglary will now have one.

The Hollywood Police Department is introducing SmartWater CSI, a crime prevention strategy that is designed to deter thieves. SmartWater offers a forensic taggant. It is a liquid that looks and feels like water and comes in a kit that comes from the SmartWater Technology, Ltd., a company based in London, England. The individual registers with SmartWater.

The forensic taggant is good for marking valuable such as televisions, computers, jewelry tools and other personal and business assets. The customer rubs the SmartWater onto an item. It can be applied to vehicles and boats. SmartWater’s forensic taggant solution is versatile. The traceable liquid carries a forensic code which is registered to an address or location. Once applied, it is almost impossible to remove and can only be seen under ultraviolet (UV) light. Forensic analysis provides conclusive proof of ownership, according to the SmartWater website.

“This will help police return stolen items to their rightful owners,” said Joann Hussey, spokesperson for the City of Hollywood.

The Hollywood Police Department is distributing SmartWater kits in select neighborhoods in Hollywood. So far Highland Gardens, Driftwood, North Central, Hollywood Lakes and portions of Hollywood Hills have been identified. The police department is sending out fliers to residents regarding the program and signs are being posted in neighborhoods where SmartWater is being distributed.

Anyone can sign up for SmartWater. Residents who want to learn how to use SmartWater should contact the Police Department at 954-967-4357 to set an appointment to schedule a demonstration with SmartWater. A person must be registered to receive a demonstration. Also, pawnshops are being notified and police will assist them in identifying stolen property.

“SmartWater deters thieves by identifying stolen property and their owners. Officers will have the ability to test suspect items for the presence of the marking. If it is present, they will collect a sample and submit it to SmartWater for analysis. SmartWater will then be able to identify the registered user’s information, relay it to the Police Department and give the investigating detectives the ability to pair the suspect to the crime,” said Lieutenant Derik Alexander.

SmartWater is being used by police in Fort Lauderdale and Miramar. Kits are available for purchase from SmartWater at SmartWaterCSI.com. A one year license is $99.


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