Social Media Usage in Colombia (Statistics)

Social Media Usage and Stats Colombia

Are you wondering how Colombians use social media?

And what are the most popular social media platforms in Colombia?

Me too!

I woke up this morning and I wanted to find statistics and stats about all the social media networks used in Colombia.

So I did a lot of research (8 hours of research, to be exact), compiled all the data and stats that I could find, and included them in the blog post below.

Here are the most recent statistics about social media usage in Colombia:

Popularity & Usage of Different Social Media Platforms in Colombia

Social media usage by platform in Colombia

The popularity of different social media platforms in Colombia is no surprise considering that almost 70 percent of the population is active monthly users. Facebook is the most popular platform with 35.15 million users, followed by YouTube (98%), WhatsApp (90%), and Instagram (77%).

Stats from December 2021 to December 2022 show that Android, with 54.95%, has the largest share of users in Colombia, followed by Windows, with 19.59%, and IOS (1%). What’s more, WhatsApp and Facebook have been identified as the most popular social media networks in Colombia, with 90% of online users having accounts on either platform. Other popular networks include Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Pinterest and OnlyFans.

Statistics on Social Media Usage in Colombia (Stats)

Social Media Statistics and Usage in Colombia (Stats)

According to Kepios analysis, the usage of social media in Colombia has seen a steady increase over the past year. From 2021 to 2022, there was a 7.2% increase in the number of monthly active users, with 2.8 million more people joining the ranks. This growth is evident in the popularity of different apps as well, with Android taking the biggest share of users with 54.95%. Windows follows with 19.59%, followed by IOS. It’s clear that Colombia is seeing a surge in social network use, and this trend looks set to continue as more and more people join the online community. Facebook users and Instagram users in Colombia social networks and in Latin America overall is on the rise as well for all age group, especially the youngest age group under 20 years old. the number of young Facebook users under 20 years old has been declining this year, as using Facebook is less common for teen users in Colombia social networks and in Latin America.

I personally love all the Colombia social networks content creators and influencers. I follow many of them in the Travel, Fashion, and Food industry, as I am a big fan of traveling, dressing well, and eating!

Facebook Statistics

Moving on to Facebook, this social media platform reaches an audience of 32 million users, of which 51.5% are women and 48.5% are men. It’s the most popular social network in Colombia, with a reach of nearly 70% of the population. The popularity of Facebook users in the country is due to its many features, such as messaging and news feeds. Not only does it offer entertainment and a way to stay connected to friends and family, but it also helps people keep up with current events and trends. As Colombia continues to rely heavily on social app use, it’s no surprise that Facebook remains at the top of the list.

In my opinion, social media users in Colombia are slowly shifting from Facebook to other social media networks, as we can tell by a large amount of Instagram users in the country, but I still know many business owners, which are my close friends, that still love to use Facebook and Facebook Messenger to engage with their customers, get more followers and keep them informed, increase awareness for their business representing their passion, and speed up their business development to grow their account faster, which has more importance than just getting “likes”.

Many other countries do the same, as it’s easier to get a Facebook page, and free, compared to building a website, for example.

Youtube Statistics

Coming in second place among the most popular social media platforms with the most users in Colombia is Youtube, with 2.52 billion active users—85.7 percent of the total number of internet users. This cookie is used for identifying the visitor browser on re-visits to the website, and according to a study done in 2021, it was found that 44.4% of respondents used social media, and YouTube accounted for 35.6% of that number. Furthermore, this cookie via embedded youtube-videos registers anonymous statistical data, which helps marketers understand the global social media landscape.

Having a few Colombians friends and colleagues myself, I can confirm that they Love using Youtube as much as I do! Especially for looking for Colombian, music, recipes, and learning all kinds of things while eating breakfast or lunch, the same way as I do every morning.

Twitter Statistics

When it comes to Twitter, Colombia has been steadily increasing its active user base over the past few years. As of October 2022, there were 544 million Colombian Twitter users in the country. This is a testament to the power of social media in Colombia and its widespread use across the country. While Twitter is not as popular as some of the other social media platforms, it still has a large presence in the country and can be used for effective communication and marketing purposes.

I spent a few months in Colombia and met many American Expats living in Medellin and Bogota, and we were all using Twitter together, especially to keep up with American news and tech news.

Instagram Statistics

Moving on to Instagram, the platform has seen steady growth in Colombia. According to the stats, it has 77 percent of active users in Colombia, which is quite a significant number. The age groups of 18-24 and 25-34 are most active users on Instagram in Colombia with a total of 30.1% and 31.5% respectively. It is worth noting that the worldwide growth of Instagram in 2021 was over 1.3% for females and 1% for 65-year-old males.

In my experience, having spent a lot of time living in Colombia as an expat, Instagram is still the most popular social network, especially for young women under 30 years old. It’s no secret that Colombian women love to take beautiful photos, and I found that Instagram is the perfect social media app for this demographic.

TikTok Statistics

As the popularity of social media in Colombia continues to grow, TikTok has emerged as a leader among youth. With 13.65 million users aged 18 and above in Colombia in early 2022, it is the third most popular social media platform in the country according to ByteDance’s advertising resources. On average, users spend 3 minutes and 32 seconds with 8 pages viewed per visit on the platform (Similarweb-Tiktok, 2021). It is clear that TikTok has become an integral part of daily life in Colombia.

I remember when TikTok was launched in Colombia as I was traveling there for a business trip at the time. I could see teenagers dancing everywhere in the streets of Medellin and in the shopping malls, filming those funny dance videos and uploading them on TikTok by Colombian users, in the hope of going viral. Fun stuff!

Snapchat Statistics

Snapchat is also a popular social media platform in Colombia, with 32 percent of active users accessing it daily. According to data from the company, in January 2021 there were 17.95 million users of this multimedia messaging app in Mexico. The average daily usage of Snapchat in Colombia is 46%, with 27% checking it weekly and 27% accessing it less frequently. Companies have also found success using Snapchat as a marketing tool, as it’s a quick way for them to reach their target audience.

I personally don’t use Snapchat myself, but I learned from my Colombian partner that it’s super popular amongst Colombian users. According to my research about Snapchat users in Colombia and stats, I can also confirm that out of all the Colombia social networks, Snapchat is definitely one of the most popular among the population.

Linkedin Statistics

Moving on to LinkedIn stats about users in Colombia, the professional networking platform has 11.99 million users in Colombia. This is a great opportunity to connect with professionals and other like-minded people in the country. In terms of gender, 44.5% of users are women and 55.5% are men. LinkedIn also has a monthly advertising audience reach figure based on total registered members. With this, businesses can promote their products and services right to their target audience, making it a great platform to increase visibility and brand recognition.

I remember when I just moved to Colombia a few years ago. I was using Linkedin a lot to find a new job, and in my experience, it was a great way to network with Colombian business people.

OnlyFans Statistics

Moving on from the usual social media apps, we take a look at OnlyFans users stats in Colombia. This is a subscription-based platform which allows content creators to make money by offering exclusive content to their subscribers. Surprisingly, 50% of the OnlyFans platform’s users come from the United States.

It’s no secret that Colombian women are beautiful, and many of these women take the opportunity available to them on OnlyFans to get subscribers and generate income from them. I personally know a few Colombian models on OnlyFans and their managers as well. They have made a 7 figure income since February from this medium when people subscribe to their fitness training videos. Their latest video report shows insights from developing communities that increased the awareness of the benefits of being healthy to an older age group, for example.

Spotify Statistics

When it comes to streaming music, Spotify is one of the most popular social networks in Colombia. According to a 2020 study, 75.7 percent of Colombian respondents said they had listened to music online during the six months. Spotify is favored by its users because of its access to millions of songs, as well as its excellent discovery algorithm. With 62.9% of users in Colombia using the platform, it’s easy to see why Spotify is so popular in the country.

While I lived in Medellin, I realized that music is such an important aspect of Colombian culture, so it does not surprise me that so that this country has so many Spotify users compared to Facebook users and Facebook messenger users in Colombia

Pinterest Statistics

Moving on to Pinterest stats, it is an increasingly popular platform in Colombia. According to the latest data, there are at least 5.3 million active Pinterest users in Colombia. This makes it the 10th largest user base for the platform globally. The number of users is expected to continuously increase between 2022 and 2028, by a total of 3 million users. As of May 2022, 30% of US online users had seen Pinterest appear in their social media feeds. Additionally, 39% of Americans who know about Pinterest use it. This is a clear indication that Pinterest is a platform on the rise and is gaining more traction in Colombia and across the world.

I saw many Colombian media outlets promoting their news articles to Pinterest users in Colombia and in Latin America, and I even have some friends who built an entire arts & crafts business only using Pinterest, without promoting it to Instagram users in Colombia or on any other social network.

WhatsApp Usage in Colombia

In Colombia, WhatsApp is also extremely popular with over 90% of internet users having an account. Although Facebook is the most popular social network with 36 million users, YouTube comes in second with 29.9 million users. Instagram also has a strong presence in the country, with 15 million active users. As of 2021, it is estimated that between 4.3 billion to 5 billion people are internet users worldwide, and a big chunk of that are Facebook users in Colombia.

I was never a fan of Whatsapp until I moved to Colombia. I preferred to use Facebook messenger. But I can confirm that in Medellin, every time I met new people on the streets or at a social event, we exchanged contact information using Whatsapp, even when these people were Facebook users.

Internet Usage in Colombia

According to the latest reported numbers, Colombia boasts a whopping 50 million internet users with a rate of active users VS population of 69.1%. This is an impressive figure, considering that just a few years ago the number was much lower. But, this is only part of the story. the number of social media users and Facebook users in Colombia has also been on the rise, with up to 69% of the population being monthly active social media users as of January 2020.

WhatsApp, in particular, is a very popular choice, with 81.3% of Colombians using it as their primary method of communication. And this isn’t surprising when you consider that it offers entertainment, virtual connection with friends and family members, access to trending topics, and more.

Individuals Using the Internet as a Percentage of Population in Colombia

I was surprised to find out that the internet penetration rate for Colombia is over 65% of the population, which is higher than the worldwide average. This means that over 34 million individuals in Colombia are using the internet as a percentage of the population.

And with WhatsApp being the most popular social media in Colombia, this number is only going to increase in the future. It’s incredible to think how much internet usage has grown in Colombia in recent years, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new developments will come from this growth.

Statistics for Internet Users and Social Media Users in Colombia

As of 2021, the latest reported numbers for internet and social media users in Colombia are both impressive. This year, an estimated 81.3% of Colombia’s population are active on social media, while the number of web users in the country is a whopping 34.73 million.

That means that nearly two thirds of Colombia’s population has access to the internet. Facebook is the most popular social network in the country, with 35.15 million users. WhatsApp use is also strong, with 18.97 million people using it for communication purposes in Colombia. It’s clear that digital technology has taken off in this nation and continues to be embraced by its citizens.

What social media does Colombia use?

Colombia uses these social media platforms: Youtube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Pinterest. The most popular social networks in Colombia among active users are YouTube (98 percent), Facebook (95 percent), WhatsApp (90 percent), and Instagram (77 percent)

With over 32 million users, Facebook is the leading platform in the country, according to my research. WhatsApp is also hugely popular, with nearly 90% of online users having access to it. And last but not least, Instagram is still going strong as the ‘King of all social media networks”, with 57.2% of users in the country being women.

Is Twitter popular in Colombia?

Yes, Twitter is popular in Colombia. According to SimilarWeb, Twitter is the third most visited social media website in Colombia in December 2022, with over 11 million active users. The platform is especially popular among younger Colombians, with nearly 28 percent of the population between 18 and 24 years old being active on Twitter. This makes Twitter a great place to reach out to younger audiences in Colombia.

Is Snapchat common in Colombia?

Yes, Snapchat is common in Colombia, with a large user base across the country. It offers a distinctive feature from other social networks in that its users control the content they share. This has made Snapchat appealing to the youth in Colombia, who value the ability to control the narratives they create and share on the platform, and love the video format.

I hope that you enjoyed my article about social app use and stats for the country of Colombia. It took me quite a while to write and I will update it every year from now on, reflecting the most current stats that I will share with you. I there’s anything that you would like me to add, update, or remove from this page, feel free to let me know!


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