South Broward High School cheerleading team enters competitive season

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Ashley Butler loves cheerleading and being a leader on the South Broward High School cheerleading team.

“I have been doing this for four years and it is a lot of fun,” said Butler. “To be successful in cheerleading, you have to be able to handle criticism and have good sportsmanship. You have to have good technique. It take a lot of dedication to be a good cheerleader.”

And it is a very rewarding activity. Butler considers the cheerleading team to be a like a large family.

Kaylen McLean, also a senior on the South Broward cheerleading team said it takes a lot heart to be a good cheerleader. “You have to have pride in your school and you have be dedicated to the sport of cheerleading.”

Nichole Masi, a junior said it takes a tremendous amount of dedication to be a good cheerleader. “We work together. It is a lot of fun,” she said.

Stella Kilby loves being a part of the South Broward cheerleading team. “We support school activities. It is fun to be a cheerleader,” she said.

Now, cheerleaders are cheering on the sidelines for football games. From October to the end of January, the South Broward Cheerleaders will be participating in competitive cheerleading. They will learn a a two and a half minute routine that includes stunts and tumbling and they will be judged on that routine.

“It takes a lot of spirit and dedication to be a cheerleader,” said Caven. “It also takes athletic ability.” 

Cheerleading is one of the more popular activities at South Broward High School.

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Author: Amanda Jones

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