South Broward High School seniors at the top of the class are ready to launch for higher learning


South Broward High School is doing something right. Among the numerous amount of high achieving senior students who are getting ready for college, some really stand out.

Zak Meyers, the senior class president.

As senior class president. Zak Myers works very hard to improve school spirit and get students excited about big school events.

“My main goal as senior class president is to boost morale and enthusiasm and to get people excited about events,” Myers said. “We have a big pep rally known as the Growl. Students dress in school colors and we gather on the football field. We have a DJ and we get the students all fired up.”

Myers leads meetings to plan for big events like Prom and Grad Bash. “We want to increase the graduation rate at the school. We have a big senior awards night where we show student accomplishments. We want to get students excited about the Prom and Grad Bash,” Myers said. He will attend the University of Central Florida next year.”

Jasmine Knight, president of the National Honor Society at South Broward
High School

Jasmine Knight is the president of the National Honor Society and is also looking forward to college. She will attend American University in Washington D.C. next year, enjoys leading the Honor Society and is proud of its focus on character, leadership, service and scholarship.

“You have to show leadership ability to be asked to join the National Honor Society,” Knight said. A student also must do well academically and satisfy community service hours. “We tutor students who are facing difficulties with their courses.”

Knight also learned that being a leader means facing difficulty. She is the editor of the school newspaper but it has struggled to gain support and funding. “It would have been helpful to have it as a class. We needed more support,” Knight said.

Stefan Cantana is secretary of the Science Honor Society at South Broward High School

Stefan Catana is secretary of the Science Honor Society, a new club. He is looking forward to going to the University of Southern California next year. “I want to go into the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) field. We want to make students aware of the opportunities in science. I want to help improve people’s lives,” he said.

With graduation just around the corner, these students are among growing numbers who are looking forward to college, joining the military or vocational training.

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