South Broward's LEEO Program means business

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Sarah Kramer is learning how the real business world works.

As a senior, she is a student in the South Broward High School Linked Educational and Employment Opportunities (LEEO) program and is the ambassador from her school on a student project that involves the production and shipping of customized iPhone 6 cases. The project also includes Coral Springs and Plantation High Schools and a high school in Scotland.

Kramer is studying global logistics and learning how products are shipped and produced in the international world of business. The students at Coral Springs design the cases, the students at Plantation manufacture them and then South Broward students ship them to a high school in Scotland.

“We are learning how the shipping process works and it is interesting,” said Kramer. She is considered a leader in the LEEO program. “I am learning to work with students from other schools.”

This is a real business project for high school students to work on. Through the LEEO program, the students earn certifications that are recognized by business and industry, according to Ted Davis, magnet coordinator for South Broward.

South Broward also offers a marine magnet program that includes the LEEO initiative which is taking academics and applying it to business.  Students can learn a full range of marine practical skills. Katherine Dudra said she enjoys being a part of the Marine Mechanics program. “I like to work with engines. I like to work with electricity,” said Dudra.

Samuel Prokopishen likes to solve mechanical problems. “I hope to have a career in marine diesel engines,” he said. 

Samantha Breistol said she enjoys learning about the electrical aspects of marine mechanics. “I like to work on boats,” she said. 

Students can earn a certification showing they can repair Evinrude-Johnson engines and a certification showing they can repair Mercury Marine engines. And the program will offer American Boat and Yacht Council Electrical certification.

South Broward High School’s Maritime Magnet Program began in 1996 and is considered very successful. It is divided into Marine Science, Marine Service Technology, Global Logistics, Geospatial Information Sciences and Maritime Technology. The program provides many opportunities in and out of the classroom for more than 1,300 students each year. They can participate in shark tagging trips, robotics competitions, ecological studies and conservation initiatives, according to Davis.  

The Marine Propulsion and Technology Service Program provides students opportunities to earn training and an industry certification in Marine Service Technology. Through the Global Logistics/Supply curriculum students have the opportunity to earn industry certification and career opportunities in the maritime transportation/trade industry. 

Students entering the magnet program can also align their course studies with the Cambridge curricular track and earn the Cambridge International AICE Diploma. This diploma provides students with college credits in addition to the Bright Future’s Scholarship.

Students who earn certifications in Marine Technology can pursue high paying jobs working on yachts and ships at Port Everglades. 

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Author: Amanda Jones

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