South Broward Student Scholar Geomani Brooks Wins Prestigious Horatio Alger State Scholarship

Award Winner Geomani Brooks of South Broward High School

Only 615 students across the country receive the distinguished Horatio Alger State Scholarship, valued at up to $10,000 each.  For 2018, one of the Scholars, Geomani Brooks, is from Hollywood, FL and attends South Broward High School.

This annual scholarship recognizes outstanding students, who, in the face of great adversity, have exhibited an admirable commitment to continuing their education and serving their communities. In fact, the Horatio Alger Association administers one of the nation’s largest privately-funded, need-based financial aid programs to young men and women, having awarded more than $143 million in scholarships to more than 25,000 deserving students since 1984.

Providing individual scholarships valued at up to $10,000, Horatio Alger Association recognizes young men and women who demonstrate exceptional perseverance and commitment to achieving educational success

Since the establishment of its scholarship programs in 1984, more than 25,000 students from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Canada have received more than $125 million in undergraduate, graduate and specialized scholarships. In 2000, 16 years after the establishment of its National Scholarship Program, Horatio Alger Members began funding scholarships concentrated in each state to further its mission of assisting deserving young people to pursue higher education.  Additionally, Association Members fund a series of Specialized Scholarships, which are targeted to students based on specific degree programs or academic institutions.

“The Horatio Alger State Scholars have faced myriad hardships with great strength, courage and resilience,” said Matthew Rose, president, Horatio Alger Association and 2013 Horatio Alger Award recipient. “In recognition of their resilience, commitment to higher education and support of their local communities, my fellow Members and I are proud to support these inspiring students in their tireless pursuit of the American Dream.”

Collectively, the 2018 Horatio Alger State Scholarship recipients have maintained an average GPA of 3.67 while coming from households with an average annual income of $17,998. Each recipient is awarded up to $10,000 to apply toward the tuition of their selected college or university.


About the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans

Founded in 1947, the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc. is dedicated to the simple but powerful belief that hard work, honesty, and determination can conquer all obstacles. The Association honors the achievements of outstanding leaders who have accomplished remarkable successes in spite of adversity by bestowing upon them the Horatio Alger Award and inducting them as lifetime Members. Horatio Alger Members support promising young people with the resources and confidence needed to overcome adversity in pursuit of their dreams through higher education. Through the generosity of its Members and friends, in 2017, the Association awarded more than $18 million in undergraduate and graduate need-based scholarships across the United States and Canada, and also provided college support services to its Scholars. Since 1984, the Association has awarded more than $143 million in college scholarships to more than 25,000 deserving young people. For more information, please visit



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