Free Spring 2020 Performances Set for Hollywood ArtsPark Experience Series

Spring 2020 Performances Set for Hollywood ArtsPark Experience

The 2020 Hollywood ArtsPark Experience is about to begin. People who want to experience high quality entertainment will want to visit the ArtsPark during some upcoming evenings to see well-regarded bands and performers this spring.

Spring 2020 Performances Set for Hollywood ArtsPark Experience
Marco Benevento’s new work Let It Slide introduces a gritty, soulful edge to his unique brand of high-octane keyboard wizardry—an uptempo, uplifting sound he playfully describes as “hot dance piano rock.” For all Benevento’s virtuosity on the keys though, the songs are driven primarily by intoxicating grooves, with spare drums and minimalist bass lines underpinning infectious, intentionally lo-fi vocal hooks. The resulting vibe is a timeless one, filtering elements of vintage R&B and soul through modern indie rock and pop sensibilities and peppering it with the kind of adventurous improvisation that Benevento’s come to be celebrated for worldwide.

On March 7, Marco Benevento will perform from 7 – 11 p.m. He is considered a very talented keys player and has released six critically acclaimed solo albums over the last decade and has performed at Carnegie Hall, Newport Jazz, and Lollapalooza. His music is a genre-blind mashup of rock, jazz and skewed improvisation anchored by catchy melodies.

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