Students get college, SAT-prepped at Stirling Road Branch Library


Abigail Slentz, a student at Florida Virtual School, wants to attend Stanford University and then pursue a career in anthropology.

Abigail Slentz and Cayla Sanches attended an SAT prep and then college prep event at the Stirling Road Branch Library.

“I know how difficult it is to get into Stanford, so I am working to keep a high GPA. I do volunteer work and want to work with animals,” she said.

Cayla Sanches also has high goals. She wants to attend Florida State University or the University of Florida, and hopes be a pediatrician. Now a student at Hollywood Hills High School, she knows that gaining acceptance will be difficult.

Sanches and Slentz were just two of 50 high school students spending a recent Sunday afternoon preparing for the SAT at the Stirling Road Branch Library. Sanderson Test Prep provided a presentation on how to prepare for the SAT and gave students sample questions to work on for the reading portion of the test.

“I thought it was helpful. We went over some practice questions,” Sanches said.

After the test preparation, students and their parents sat together for a presentation by Nicole Mellix Jobson, the director of college counseling for International College Counselors, who spoke about applying to competitive universities.

Nicole Mellix Jobson, the Director of College Counseling for International College Counselors, spoke to students and parents about applying to competitive universities at the Stirling Road Branch Library. 

Jobson encouraged students not to panic about the application process. She said it’s important to take the most demanding classes possible, and to focus on doing well in those classes. She encouraged students to participate in activities they care about and can excel in. She also told students to look for a college that is a good fit for them.

“Students can be successful in the process, but it is not easy. And they will have to continue to work hard,” Jobson said.

There will be additional SAT preparation classes at the Stirling Road Branch Library, and other test sections will be covered. Sessions are free for students.

The program is organized by the Friends of the Stirling Road Branch Library.

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