Tamarac Commission votes to table land deal with Broward County at West Lake Park

Tamarac commission votes to table land deal with broward county at west lake park

The issue of where to place a 911 tower continues in Hollywood. The Broward County Commission wants to place the tower in West Lake Park but under county rules. Under Hollywood’s rules, the land where they want to place the tower can only be used for recreational or park type activities. So, the County wants to arrange to have Tamarac take ownership of the land at West Lake Park and then lease the land to the County so that a tower can built in that location.

Hollywood Commissioners were disappointed that County leaders did not discuss this arrangement with them and recently called an emergency meeting to discuss the matter.

The Tamarac Commission wants more time to consider the situation. During a meeting on September 11, the Tamarac Commission voted to table the matter for 30 days. This will allow Hollywood and the County more time to work out their differences, according to Elise Boston, spokesperson for Tamarac.

Hollywood Commissioner Caryl Shuham who has been a strong proponent of placing antennas on the CIRC hotel rather than West Lake Park said she is optimistic that the County and the City can reach a successful agreement. “We have a common goal to get this done,” she said.

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